Microsoft’s Taj Mahal Look alike Hub in Noida

Updated: Jan 29

Microsoft’s new India Development Centre (IDC) is going to serve as a premier centre of engineering and innovation.

Microsoft has a new India Development Center (IDC) facility in Noida (NCR) that is going to serve as a premier hub for cutting-edge engineering and innovation. IDC NCR is Microsoft’s third development centre in India after Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Taj Mahal Like intricate Marbles on the floor
Credits: Microsoft

The IDC NCR facility will collaborate with Microsoft teams globally to build products and services that will help drive digital innovation. The centre will provide opportunities for engineering talent in the areas of Business & Productivity tools, AI, Cloud & Enterprise, Core Services, and Microsoft’s new gaming division.

Inspired by Taj Mahal by depicting rivers with chevron patterns in the corridors
Credits: Microsoft

The IDC NCR workspace architecture has been inspired by the Taj Mahal and features intricate artwork by local artisans. Its marble inlays, vaulted doorways, arches, and marble domes created by stonemasons and carpenters, are a tribute to the country’s historical and rich craftsmanship.

A Section of the pristine white passages feature concealed lightings paired with intersecting arches. These semi-arches lend the corridors not just the visual depth, but also ease of functionality. Wooden fluted panelling on the walls frame the vaulted pathways
Source: Microsft

IDC also recently opened an additional office space at Sohini Tech Park in Hyderabad, built for a hybrid work environment. The layout and design come with productivity-enhancing features such as Team-Based Neighborhood Spaces with workstations-on-wheels, Scrum areas, Microsoft Teams AV enabled meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, and breakout hubs. The experiential graphics designs and interiors also support diversity, inclusion, and accessibility; and connects at a global level within the local context.

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